209 House Mural in Las Palmitas, Mexico

German Crew, a mural collective from Mexico, recently teamed up with the Mexican government to produce a beautiful, district wide, mural in Palmitas, Mexico. Comprising over 20 thousand square meters of painted surface and 209 houses, it is hoped that the huge mural will benefit some 452 families and around 1808 people. Whilst the overall scale of the project alone is impressive, adding to that is the social transformation the project has enabled – with violence amongst young people being completely eradicated during the process, and several jobs created.

Whilst street-art certainly has its detractors, this is just a perfect example of how important street art is not only to the morale of an area, but also to the progression and acceptance of the art form worldwide. No doubt the mural will attract an economic boost to the area and further jobs/social enterprises will be created because of it, but we also have to wonder why this was created, and hope that it is not just a more colourful way of whitewashing communities problems…



(Picture: Facebook)

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