Adidas Sues Thom Browne Over Use of Stripes

Adidas Sues Thom Browne Over Use of Stripes

Thom Browne’s use of stripes was part of a 2020 collaboration with Samsung. Shutterstock

The German sportswear brand continues to be aggressively litigious about defending its slanted three-striped logo, filing a suit in New York against the Zegna-owned brand after it said a mediation process that began in November 2020 failed to resolve the dispute. 

“Despite Thom Browne’s knowledge of adidas’s rights in the famous Three-Stripe Mark, Thom Browne has expanded its product offerings far beyond formal wear and business attire and is now offering for sale and selling athletic-style apparel and footwear featuring two, three, or four parallel stripes in a manner that is confusingly similar to adidas’s Three-Stripe Mark,” wrote Adidas’ lawyers in the complaint first reported on by The Fashion Law. 

The sportswear brand also argued that Thom Browne’s partnership with FC Barcelona since 2018 is another point of confusion for customers. 

In 2017, Bloomberg reported Adidas had filed close to 50 trademark lawsuits since 2012, targeting Nike, Skechers, Marc Jacobs and more. 

Representatives for Adidas and Thom Browne did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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