City Caravan

Nomadism becomes, unintentionally, the horizon of art and society as we can recognize from it as part of our own culture, integrated into globalization. Installed in Quai Branly Museum, in Paris, this is an institution that chooses to focus on non-European cultures, but defines itself as a place where cultures meet in dialogue.

The caravans are part of the Nomad, a sociocultural project whose purpose is to energize the hot Parisian night with a schedule of activities, where the public is actively involved in their design and development.
Designed by studio 1/100, the caravans that are part of the NOMAD project come from second-hand market, having being transformed and adapted to fulfill different functions in relation to the activities that take place inside; providing shelter for artists oran information, a sound system, improvising a scene or a kindergarten, where children interact while their parents attend a magic show. The programs are chosen by the ability to generate interactions.
Agricultural canvas, tailored to the caravans,provide shade for those attending a welcoming space with colourful carpets covering the floor.
The NOMAD is a project that you choose to generate activity in a hyperarquitectural environment. Caravans, tents, carpets and chairs: informal architecture, a set of recycled objects and products… the installation allows the domestication and ownership of a garden that was originally created to be admired. Lightweight and mobile, five informal settlements offer fresh and interactive event spaces. It runs along the roads, in clearings and under the museum ship that trigger interactions and create a new space of relationships.
At the heart of the city, dense vegetation is the set of atemporary occupation. This territory is redefined, to be inhabited for a while.

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