Festival of light: Quito

Cathedrale Saint Jean Lumiere 2008

Quiteños, tourists, and those attending the U.N. Habitat III conference were treated to a visual feast at the historic centre of Quito – the first UNESCO World Heritage city – which became an architectural canvas for a bi-national collaboration of artists from France and the Andean country.

A localised adaptation of the French city of Lyon’s Fête des Lumières, Quito’s Fiesta de la Luz involves 3D imagery that has been mapped to create augmented, digitally-rendered visuals that are fully adapted to the complex surfaces on which they are projected – in this case, the ornate colonial-era churches, convents, and museums for which the city is famous.

Buildings came alive as spectral Indigenous figures emerged from the baroque walls of churches and angels ascended to the bell towers, soon making way for dancing floral patterns and intricate designs that wrapped themselves around the Renaissance-era columns and archways of the historical part of the city.

Showcased landmarks included the Plaza Hermano Miguel, Plaza del Teatro, Plaza Santo Domingo, Capilla Museo de la Ciudad, Iglesia de La Compañía, Plaza La Merced, Centro Cultural Metropolitano.


Reference here & more images about this festival: here

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