Fountain House

raumlabor plants living fountain house pavilion in montreal

Berlin-based studio Raumlabor has constructed the ‘fountain house’, a fully accessible ephemeral structure that celebrates free access to potable water.

This fountain house is located at the corner of Sainte Catherine and Clark, in a civic space in a central district of Montreal. The building features an open ground plan, while above, stairs lead to a rooftop terrace that provides panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

Inside the design’s overlapping archways, a light fall of water descends through a hole in the ceiling, and is subsequently collected in a basin below. The liquid is then redistributed within the pavilion via nozzles that create a cloud of vapor that hangs in the air. the water is then offered to the public, to drink, observe or engage with physically.

Besides being a public place of interaction and interchange, the fountain house is a place to celebrate life. It lives with the water, the fundamental element of all.

The skin of the building is more than just a shelter or an enclosure. It lives and changes. Plants, funghi and small organisms create their own small biological habitat on the outside, as well as the inside of the fountain house.

raumlabor fountain house montreal canada designboomraumlabor fountain house montreal canada designboom

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