Mierīgi! is a mock-up built in Riga last September 2014 by Fine Young Urbanists with the idea to test what the street profile would look and feel like combining all street lanes in one: tram, car, side-walks and cycle path.

The makers observed and measured first the behaviour in Miera Street as well as talked to locals about their everyday problems and needs. The main idea of this project was to create a friendly space for everyone, creating an equal place for either passers-by, users of the cafe, and commuters and, at the same time, bringing more opportunities for the local business located on both sides of the street.

They decided to implement a crazy idea in a very simple (or easy) way. They pointed out what the crazy part of this project was:

– wide car lanes, yet cars ride on tram tracks
– no space for cycling
– no bicycle parking
– parked cars cover up cafe windows and get in the way of tables
– only 10 trees between A.Briana and Brivibas streets

And the easy part:
– a combined car and tram lane
– cycling paths on both sides of the street
– a width of at least 1,7 m reserved for pedestrians
– “Miera street belt” – a strip of varying width for placing greenery, cafe tables, bicycle and car parking.

And this was the result:


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