Mobile pools

Designer David Belt, whose firm Marco Sea, created the first dumpster swimming pool; a prototype that can be set up anywhere.  This studio ended up with a dumpster pool that you can literally unload off of a truck, fill with water, plug in and go swimming. Their goal was to use these mobile swimming pools, made from objects typically utilized to store and haul junk, in unexpected settings.

They were honored with an invitation from the New York City Mayor’s Office and the Department of Transportation to participate in NYC’s Third Annual 2010 Summer Streets event. Iconic Grand Central Station and the Park Avenue Viaduct was to be the backdrop of their first public mobile dumpster pool project. On August 7, 2010, hundreds of New Yorkers swam in the dumpster pools and lounged at the lo-fi country club at the first Summer Streets weekend.

These dumpster pools are going green while also saving green. All pools were built from donated materials, and Belt says the transportation of the dumpster pools was only $200 — much less than it would cost to build and maintain a permanent pool. Belt hopes the charm and humor behind the swimming areas along with their affordability will lead to an up-springing of dumpster pools in other urban areas.

Macro Sea is working to create cost-effective ways to bring pop-up pools to municipalities nationwide. They are continuing efforts to re- purpose spaces and adapt unlikely environments to their collective will and desire.



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