Playing with trees

Playing with trees

_ Strijdom van der Merwe , Dorp Street,  Stellenbosch, South Africa.

_ Breath, Bong-Gi Park, Saint Flour, France.

_ Stacking Sculpture, Alastair Heseltine.

_ Tree Cosy, Carol Hummel, Sculpture in the Heights Public Art Competition,
Heights Arts, Cleveland Heights, OH.

_ Pattern, Samuel François, France.

_ Color pencils, Jonna Pohjalainen.

via Vulgare

_ Skateboard Tree, David Beasley & Dorian Motowylak,
Mega Skate Plaza, 500 Blount Street, Fayetteville, NC .

via Vulgare

_ Home, Heidi Threlfo, Wellington Botanical Gardens.


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