Casa em Arruda dos Vinhos

Casa em Arruda dos Vinhos

Architects PlanoB from Lisbon, Portugal have completed an innovative house called A Casa em Arruda Dos Vinhos that employs a hybrid earthen wall system that combines elements of rammed earth, cob and wattle and daub similar to the encajonado method used in the historic Briones House in California.

The project is a reconstruction of an existing ruin and the site is inside and environmental protection area. This forced the architects to maintain the position, height and use (storage) of the previous building and they proposed to rebuild the house using the previous materials—wood, stone and earth—but in a different way.

The framing lumber is Tasmanian blue gum, a generally unstable wood for construction. The benefits of choosing this wood was that it was easily obtained and did not need any additional chemical treatment. But it did require what first appears to be an over-engineered post and beam structure… which is really an amazing work of woodwork in itself. Many other natural and local materials were also used including earth, metal, and concrete.


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