CATSSUP: A Floating Playground for Cats

CATSSUP: A Floating Playground for Cats

Studio RYTE Kickstarts a modular cat furniture system that transforms existing furniture into virtual cat trees

Press Release

updated: Aug 8, 2018

Studio RYTE, a boutique design house, is crowdfunding for a modular cat furniture system for city dwellers. CATSSUP hacks into existing furniture and creates virtual cat trees, unlocking vertical spaces for the cats without compromising the owners’. CATSSUP’s Kickstarter campaign will begin on Aug. 8, International Cat Day.

Product Rationale 

Studio RYTE introduces the one-stop solution for cat owners in an urban setting. With over ten years of feline practice, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Ilona Rodan explains, “Access to an elevated area increases the cat’s vertical space and allows it to monitor its environment. If all resources are placed in different locations, individual cats can avoid seeing other cats, minimizing competition for resources, bullying and stress.”

Cats need vertical territorialization to feel comfortable and secure, but traditional cat trees are too bulky, thus impractical for city dwellers with limited living space. Unlike conventional cat trees, CATSSUP provides jumping and lounging platforms that can be easily installed on existing furniture to create a virtual cat tree. There is also a scratch post and toy ball in the collection to transform a shelf or table into an aerial playground.

The patent-pending design allows users to quickly create cantilevered extensions or scratching surfaces through a non-intrusive attachment method on existing furniture. Since it is attached without damaging walls or furniture, the system is highly flexible and may adapt to any environment. It can be moved around and configured according to the changing needs of the users. 

Key Features

  • Space saving: Utilizes existing surfaces without using any floor space.
  • Quick installation: Clamps onto any flat surface without drilling holes.
  • Flexible & Modular: Interchangeable clamps and felt surface allow multiple functions and configurations.
  • Versatile function: Extends any table/working area, lets cats accompany their owners while working.


CATSSUP has a premium powder-coated finish that is held together with custom thread rolled brass nuts and bolts. Extensions can be inserted in between the modular circular plates. The thick magnetic felt cover on top provides a comfortable surface for the cats to snooze on. The scratching tower can be replaced with refills after prolonged use. CATSSUP fuses a minimalist aesthetic and the indispensable function of a cat tree, providing the ultimate solution for cat owners in the city.

About Studio RYTE 

Studio RYTE is an energetic and innovative design studio comprised of proactive and passionate inventors, architects, designers and engineers from Hong Kong. They successfully launched the Butterply Desk, a modular furniture series, via Kickstarter with a pledge of 57k USD in 2016. Inspired by traditional Chinese timber joinery, Butterply’s installation is easy and requires no nails or screws. It was exhibited in the Salone del Mobile, the most renowned fair in the furniture industry, in Milan earlier in April 2018.

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