Chinese Transgender Star Jin Xing to Front Campaign for Dior J’adore

Chinese Transgender Star Jin Xing to Front Campaign for Dior J’adore

Jin Xing appears in a video announcing her new collaboration with Dior. Dior Fragrance Weibo

The story of Jin Xing, a former military officer and ballet star who then went on to forge a career on Chinese television as a host and reality show judge, is known throughout China. She is also the country’s first and most significant transgender celebrity.

Describing Jin as a woman of courage with a passion for freedom and art, Dior has announced through its official Sina Weibo account that Jin has now taken on another role, as the face of the luxury brand’s signature fragrance, Dior J’adore, in a new marketing campaign.

In a video, the 53-year-old star says she supports women’s independence and diverse individuality and that these qualities are what the fragrance tries to deliver.

“Do not compare yourself to others,” Jin said in the video. “Come up with your own way of thinking to create a colourful and varied world.”

Netizens have overwhelmingly praised the appointment, with many commenting that Jin’s inspirational life story and reputation as an independent trailblazer make her an authentic voice when it comes to messages of individuality.

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