Civil Saints to Debut Its Fashion and Community Connection

Civil Saints to Debut Its Fashion and Community Connection

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updated: Sep 2, 2020 – Civil Saints, an edgy, urban clothing line based out of New York City – aims to partner with local urban designers to create limited edition and one-of-a-kind clothing pieces.

On September 5, Civil Saints’ online shopping presence will officially launch at Civil Saints wants to create more than fashion in the community. It wants to create a movement emphasizing self-expression that will develop into personal legacy.

“We know the beginning of a legacy can shape a culture. It takes one person to make a choice to redefine their own world,” said Civil Saints founder Reginald Jean-Francois.

Civil Saints is geared toward unapologetic men and women who are not afraid to stand out. The emerging clothing line will be bold, unique, disruptive, and gritty.

“We offer our customers a space to become legends of their own,” said Francois, reiterating the importance of Civil Saints empowering its customers. “We also partner with black, local, urban designers and offer hand-picked collections, empowering young fashion entrepreneurs to be discovered and amplified,” said Francois. “That’s why we are the only urban fashion brand that is a platform for local designers.”

Every quarter, Civil Saints will offer a new set of original pieces which will never be produced again. That allows for a distinct personal style to come through in the wearer. The clothing will be comfortable and made of high-quality textiles. It will be sustainably produced and durable.

While serving the urban community, Civil Saints also looks to add value to millennials and Generation Z by amplifying their voices and representing them through fashion.

“Civil Saints clothing pieces and each of the brands we hand-pick will be a testament to your way of thinking,” said Francois

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