Mike Hewson: (During installation) - Cnr Colombo St & Cashel Mall, Christchurch, NZ


Mike Hewson‘s artwork installed on the air-bridge is not easy to spot. That’s because Deconstruction is a meticulous site specific panel that will shroud the walkway structure to hide it from view.

The digital print has an image of blue sky in between two buildings that mirrors the edges of the two building the bridge spans. So at a quick glance you won’t see a bridge at all but just sky. The opposite side of the bridge is another work called “Low Cloud”.

Spanning Colombo Street, the city’s main artery, the elevated walkway was made defunct when one of the connecting buildings became marked for demolition. Drawing inspiration from the walkway’s inoperative state, Hewson’s installation renders the walkway nearly invisible at certain vantage points. He wanted to paradoxically reconstruct the site through a process of deconstruction, mirroring Christchurch’s recovery process of adding new development through the “deletion” of crumbled buildings.

The large-scale digital print installation was printed on adhesive vinyl and covers the side and underside of the walkway. By extending the building façades on a permanent horizontal bright blue band of sky, the site-specific design aims to “temporarily enliven a dead space in the hope that it might be preserved for the future.”


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