Design Pretty Releases New JOSIL Paperie Holiday Collection

Design Pretty Releases New JOSIL Paperie Holiday Collection

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updated: Aug 19, 2019

Inspired by the tradition of gift-giving, the JOSIL Paperie Holiday Collection is Design Pretty’s first complete stationery product line, created to elevate gifting while adding sophistication and style. Designer Oneka Benn Schwartz, from Design Pretty, is releasing a brand-new stationery collection. Each print has been selected or created by the designer herself. The JOSIL Paperie Collection will be released on Sept. 3,  2019. 

For the first time, Oneka has created an entire stationery collection utilizing her favorite prints and patterns, taking her inspiration from interior design. The collection will be exclusively sold on and The JOSIL Paperie’s Etsy Shop, where the limited product line is most likely to sell out before the end of the season. 

The wrapping papers are designed to elevate your gift-giving and thrill recipients. With the popularity of Chinoiserie in home decor today, Design Pretty thought it would be the perfect motif to incorporate into a line of fall and holiday decorations, as well as gift wrapping and stationery. This holiday collection is not the typical fall pumpkins, and traditional reds and greens one would expect. The hand-painted Chinoiserie pumpkins are done in a whimsical blue and white Asian motif. The collection also includes non-traditional animal prints and feminine floral patterns.  

Each of the pieces coordinate and can be mixed and matched with one another:

 •   The hand-painted glass Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments $38.00

 •   The Hand Painted 13” Chinoiserie Pumpkin $89.00

 •   The Brightly Colored Animal Print Gift Wrap $26.00

 •   The Die-Cut Gift Tags $14.00

 •   The Velvet Custom Printed Blanket Stitched Christmas Stockings $45.00

 Oneka is thrilled to introduce her fans to her brand-new JOSIL Paperie Collection, which ranges in price from a $14.00 for die-cut gift tags to $89.00 for a Hand-Painted Chinoiserie Pumpkin.  


Oneka Benn Schwartz,

PHONE, 267-370-3856


For more information about The JOSIL Paperie Collection.  

Media high-res photos are available upon request.​​ 


Oneka decided to design the JOSIL Paperie Holiday Collection after she was faced with a very real problem. “I needed a hostess gift for a holiday party that wouldn’t be in a basic gift bag.” She realized that stylish high-end gift wrap was in demand but not easy to come by. Design Pretty produces quality products and delivers them directly to the consumer, while providing the best possible customer service. After many years of creating home decorations by hand, Oneka’s products have gained attention in the home decor industry. She hopes to find the same success in the Stationery World.


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