F/FFFFFF Debuted Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at New York Fashion Week

F/FFFFFF Debuted Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at New York Fashion Week

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updated: Sep 11, 2018

F/FFFFFF debuted its Spring/Summer 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week.

Notable attendees included Enes Kanter (NBA, NY Knicks), Damyean Dotson (NBA, NY Knicks), Duke Inhenacho (NFL, NY Giants, Influencer), Broderick Hunter (Model, Actor), Delilah Muhammed (Olympian), Kenneth Faried (NBA, Brooklyn Nets), Miranda Holder (Celebrity Stylist), Eman B Fendi (Celebrity Stylist), Chris Lavish (Global Digital Director for Fashion Week), and Warren Elgort (Film Director and Photographer).

About F/FFFFFF Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

With the rapid development of technology, the world is changing and recognizing the countless cultures surrounding it. China is developing at remarkable speeds and is learning to balance traditional and modern forces. The tradition – the philosophical ethos and aesthetic notions culturally ingrained for thousands of years – collides with the modern, a fast-moving and tech-driven society led by new mediums. Today’s China rises as a gigantic dragon slowly and gradually waking up, with forces colliding and blending within its own body, and is emerging as a new and influential vitality.

In its quest to balance modernity with nature and simplicity, F/FFFFFF combined deep-rooted philosophical ideas and scientific and technological means and observed resulting phenomena while trying to achieve a state of “heaven and humanity”. Eastern philosophy, with its mysterious charm, aura, and consciousness, is a marriage of ethereality and reality, nature and art, that contains a powerful and connotative strength. 


The collection mixes heaven and earth colors – Blues, Greens and Browns – with fluorescent colors of modern technology – bright Greens, Yellows, Reds – matched with low purity brick red and indigo to achieve a moderate aesthetic and reflect the subtle sense of simplicity of the eastern culture.


The offering combines and image of the rising sun with light-emitting diode glitch art, embodying the rise of eastern power, and the coexistence of the cultural commonality and difference between the West and the East.

Jewelries and Accessories: YINXUAN JEWELRY, FMACM



F/FFFFFF was founded by Zac Zeng in 2017 and it is supported by Mr. Jili Liu, CEO of HONG LI INT. The brand represents Fashion, Family, Future, Friendship, Freedom, Fun and Fresh. 

F/FFFFFF is a brand based on melancholic romanticism and sensual wanderings; focusing on an unruly inner and subjective irrational image of men and women. Zac Zeng aspires to “freedom, equality and universal love” by pursuing a refined and delicate beauty.

About Designer Zac Zeng 

  • 1993 Born in Wuhan, China
  • 2014 Graduated from Hubei Insititute of Fine Arts
  • 2014 Stylist on TV program Hunan TV channel
  • 2013 Excellence Award of in China International Fashion Week
  • 2013 Excellence Award of in Shaxi, China
  • 2014- 2015 Designer at VICUTU
  • 2015-2016 Creative Director at ELLE HOMME
  • 2017 Founded F/FFFFFF; Launched FW17 Collection at Shanghai Fashion Week
  • 2018 Debuted F/FFFFFF Spring/Summer Collection at New York Fashion Week

Media Contact: Todd@globefashionweek.com

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