Facebook and Instagram Launch #BuyBlack Initiative

Facebook and Instagram Launch #BuyBlack Initiative

A landing page for Facebook, Inc.’s #BuyBlack initiative.

In honour of Black History Month, Facebook, Inc., is spotlighting Black-owned brands on its platforms, a follow-up to its #BuyBlack Friday live show last year, which drew more than 15 million viewers on Facebook.com.

Alongside a feature on Facebook and Instagram’s “Shop” tabs that live within their apps, consumers will be able to discover Black-owned brands on Instagram’s @Shop account, which serves as a mini-magazine, promoting smaller labels and independent designers.

Black History Month is set to mark another surge in promotion of Black-owned brands, many of which experienced an uptick in sales in reaction to the civil rights protests last summer. Other initiatives, including the 15 Percent Pledge, aim to sustain that bump by encouraging retailers to commit to carrying a certain percentage of Black-owned brands indefinitely.

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