A New Playbook for DTC Brands | Video

A New Playbook for DTC Brands | Video

The age of Millennial pink is over. At least, that’s according to Anthony Sperduti, co-founder of design firm Mythology, and investor David Bell.

To prove the theory, Sperduti created a fake brand that embodies all the tropes found in the playbook, from using millennial pink and imagery that includes a succulent. The result was Vowl — pronounced “vowel” but with the E dropped — a CBD product for dogs that bark. The digital playbook, Sperduti argues, is now about as relevant as his made-up brand.

“We were able to create this brand in a matter of two hours,” Sperduti said. “That’s how replicable the Millennial playbook is.”

Instead, brands should explore fresh design motifs, new methods of customer acquisition and other ways to stand out.

“When something new comes along, if it’s not differentiated, it will merge into a sea of sameness,” said Bell.

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