Careers Counsel | How to Ask for a Raise | Careers, Careers Counsel

Careers Counsel | How to Ask for a Raise | Careers, Careers Counsel

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How to Ask for a Raise (The Cut)

If you know your boss will need to get your raise approved, you can make it easier to do that by leaving [them] with a short, bulleted list of key points in your favour. Keep this short — no more than one page, with some quick bullets that highlight your most significant new responsibilities or accomplishments.

Rooting Out Bias from Performance Reviews (Harvard Business Review)

Using an evidence-based performance evaluation system helps all employees. [An] evaluation form’s specificity [allows] for far more effective assessments of the key skills and contributions which are of great value to the company.

4 Steps to Decide If a Work Meeting Is Necessary (Forbes)

Determine who is vital to your decision-making or team connection process. If you find yourself invited to a meeting where you don’t feel you can or will be able to make an impactful contribution, opt out of it.

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