Joor Links With JETRO to Launch ‘Showcase Japan’

Joor Links With JETRO to Launch ‘Showcase Japan’

Showcase Japan, the product of Joor’s partnership with JETRO. Joor.

The digital wholesale platform announced a partnership with the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) to launch virtual fashion event ‘Showcase Japan’ earlier this week.

The event, to be hosted on Joor’s passport platform, will connect more than 30 contemporary Japanese designers and showrooms — a list including Suzusan, Ikiji and Alpha Showroom — with global buyers. Through Joor, buyers will be able to shop across categories such as sustainability, diversity and traditional craftsmanship.

Joor is no stranger to the Japanese market, having hosted virtual fashion events like Tokyo’s Rakuten Fashion Week and the Tokyo Fashion Award. It has also partnered with global industry events like London Fashion Week and Shanghai’s Ontimeshow tradeshow.

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