Li Jiaqi, Doudou Babe Top Chinese Beauty KOL Ranking

Li Jiaqi, Doudou Babe Top Chinese Beauty KOL Ranking

Beauty blogger Austin Li Jiaqi applies lipstick while livestreaming on the e-commerce platform Taobao. Getty Images

The Chinese beauty influencers came first and second in a new Launchmetrics report, according to their media impact value — a visibility metric that takes into account reach, media rates, media quality, and content quality — produced so far this year. The report highlights the dominance and profitability of influencers over China’s $38.6 billion beauty industry.

Li Jiaqi, also known as Austin Li, the Lipstick King, topped the chart with a media impact value of $2.6 million following collaborations with the likes of Dior Beauty and Estée Lauder on digital platforms Xiaohongshu, WeChat and Douyin, where he has a whopping 35 million followers.

Doudou Babe, a beauty KOL who counts Chanel Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury among her clients, came second. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Ximen ranked third, followed by Late Night Teacher Xu, Cherie, top livestream host Viya, MK Liangliang, male beauty influencers Ryan Xiaoxing Mao and Miao Ye-Wu Miao, and Brother Berry.

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