Malaysia Orders All Malls Shut to Combat Covid Surge

Malaysia Orders All Malls Shut to Combat Covid Surge

De Beers store in Kuala Lumpur mall. Shutterstock.

The Malaysian government said on Sunday that all malls will close and only stores dealing in food, beverage and basic necessities will be allowed to operate during an impending two-week “total lockdown” from June 1 to 14, according to a Channel News Asia report.

Healthcare, telecommunications and media, food and beverage, utilities and banking sectors remain open for business, and manufacturing of specific products will be allowed to continue, including food and drink, medical devices and textiles for producing personal protection equipment, though they will be restricted to operating at 60 percent capacity.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 numbers have continued to surge, with a record 9,020 new cases and 98 deaths on Saturday. There are currently more than 560,000 cases nationwide.

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