Mistergentleman Designer Takeshi Osumi Dies at 47

Mistergentleman Designer Takeshi Osumi Dies at 47

Takeshi Osumi. Rakuten Fashion Week.

Osumi passed away at the hospital where he was being treated for sepsis on January 24, Tokyo Fashion Week said in a statement. The brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which he worked on until his passing, will be presented at Tokyo Fashion Week in March in his memory.

Osumi’s design partner at Mistergentleman, Yuichi Yoshii, expressed shock at the sudden news. “I’m having difficulty accepting this sad news right now,” he said in the company’s press release. “The past 10 years since I met him… are irreplaceable.”

Osumi made his debut as a hip-hop musician in 1996, releasing three albums as a part of the group Shakkazombie in addition to two solo albums. He proceeded to launch several fashion brands: Swagger in 1999, Phenomenon in 2004 and Mistergentleman in 2012. Osumi also served as the chief men’s designer for Mash Holdings, which owns brands including Snidel and Gelato Pique. A farewell event for affiliates, friends and fans will be held a few days after the brand’s Tokyo Fashion Week presentation with details to be announced at a later date.

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