São Paulo Fashion Week is Back, and More Diverse Than Ever

São Paulo Fashion Week is Back, and More Diverse Than Ever

Models wait backstage at a previous edition of São Paulo Fashion Week. Agencia Fotosite

São Paulo Fashion Week’s 51st edition will run until June 27. Due to the pandemic, the event is once again wholly digital, as it was last November when it celebrated its 25th anniversary.

This edition will feature 41 designers and brands, 11 more than last season, and will include interactive presentations and livestreamed fashion shows. The line-up consists of well-known names, including Aluf, Another Place, Apartamento 03, Flavia Aranha, Gloria Coelho, Lilly Sarti, Modem, Neriage and Ronaldo Fraga, joined on the calendar by 10 up-and-coming designers.

Another highlight is the Sankofa Project, created to offer visibility and support to black Brazilian designers by the Pretos na Moda movement and the social innovation startup VAMO (Vetro Afro Indígena na Moda) in partnership with São Paulo Fashion Week.

The project selected eight independent black and indigenous designers to take part in this edition, they are Meninos Rei, Naya Violeta, Mile Lab, Santa Resistencia, Az Marias, Silvério, Ta Studio and Ateliê Mão de Mãe.

Since the event’s previous edition last November a new diversity quota has also come into force, making it mandatory for at least 50 percent of the models walking in São Paulo Fashion Week shows to be black, Afro-descendants and indigenous people.

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