Ukrainian Fashion Week Loses Government Support

Ukrainian Fashion Week Loses Government Support

Rybalko’s spring/summer 2020 show at Ukrainian Fashion Week. Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukraine’s government has declined to fund its country’s premier fashion week, and one of the longest-running fashion weeks in Eastern Europe, for its upcoming 49th edition this September. As a result, the event will continue, but mainly in a digital format, organisers said.

Since 1997, Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW) has been supported by the government, but this year the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund said it would not finance UFW from the state budget, organiser Vladimir Nechiporuk wrote on social media.

“The verdict of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund is that UFW is not a landmark event in the cultural life of Ukraine, [they don’t believe it’s] a large-scale event that affects their target audience,” he wrote.

UFW has run for 24 years and, in conjunction with bi-annual fashion weeks, has also organised national competitions that have helped young designers from Ukraine participate in leading fashion weeks around the world, according to Nechiporuk. Hundreds of designers and thousands of guests have participated in its events.

Nechiporuk has sent a letter to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to appeal the funding refusal but said he was not hopeful the outcome could be changed.

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