First-Ever MBA Program Announced for Interior Design! IDMBA Now Enrolling

First-Ever MBA Program Announced for Interior Design! IDMBA Now Enrolling

Interior design is one of the most complex businesses on earth to run, yet practitioners receive almost no formal business education. Now, for the first time, there is a university-caliber program designed to teach the specific skills that lead to financial success in an accessible and affordable manner.

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updated: Aug 5, 2020

For the first time ever, interior designers now have access to the business education they have lacked, all in one comprehensive program. The Interior Design MBA (IDMBA) is now open for enrollment for the semester beginning Sept. 21, 2020.

The IDMBA Program is delivered in a hybrid online/live format, with 24 online units supported by active forums and live video calls between students and the course professor, interior design’s leading business expert, David Shepherd.

“What few people realize is how complex running an interior design practice is,” said IDMBA creator, David Shepherd. “I’ve spent almost 20 years combining my time teaching business at top universities and working with hundreds of interior designers, and I’ve never seen such a large gap between the skills needed and the skills provided in their academic curricula.”

Shepherd continued: “That’s why I’ve spent thousands of hours developing this program and made sure to deliver only the business skills interior designers really need and none of the rest. I even have some fun at times, such as telling designers they can probably ignore the advice of so-called experts, including their accountants in many cases.”

Because the business side of interior design can be so challenging, designers have been forced to cobble together their own business education, taking a course here and hiring a freelancer there. Now, with just 24 weeks of total immersion, they can gain all of the business skills they need for a lifetime.

IDMBA graduate Jody Clarke of Dallas said, “About halfway through my IDMBA Program, the light came on and after all these years, now I finally get it. My profits soon increased by more than 300%!”

The 24 units cover topics in a unique way that helps designers to understand concepts that they may have struggled with in the past, like accounting, marketing, and technology.

“The Lessons are incredibly interesting and easy so you’re able to start implementing things right away,” said interior designer Tanya Shively of Scottsdale. “This has enabled me to do $1 million a year while still remaining essentially a one-person firm. I would have to say it really has been life-changing.”

Enrollment for the upcoming IDMBA program is now open, and those interested may register for an information session at Each program is limited in size to ensure that students can get any individual attention they might need.

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