Instagram-Famous ‘Blobby & Friends’ Launches Toys and Undies to Delight & Do Good During Pandemic

Instagram-Famous 'Blobby & Friends' Launches Toys and Undies to Delight & Do Good During Pandemic

Inclusive toy company launches their brand, non-profit, and underwear on National Underwear Day (August 5)

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updated: Aug 5, 2020

Uncute, the sweetly sardonic toy and apparel company that formed in response to the overwhelming Instagram popularity of the webcomic Blobby and Friends is soft launching its online store on August 5. 

Uncute’s digital launch is coincidentally scheduled for National Underwear Day and their online shop offers a range of non-gendered underwear, socks, tees, and plush toys, featuring Blobby & Friends characters and more. Plus, a portion of proceeds from every sale goes towards helping homeless and runaway youth. 

In possibly the only upside of a global pandemic, the Uncute team had time to read the heartfelt comments from their passionate, progressive community. Much of the feedback applauds the webcomic’s LGBTQIA+ representation and fearlessness in addressing political issues. With their extra quarantine time, Uncute felt compelled to embrace this historical moment for change and decided it’s time to build a company that reflects what they believe in.

We started Uncute after being absolutely overwhelmed with the reactions to our webcomic Blobby and Friends. Living in New York, and stuck at home due to the pandemic, we decided that it’s time to build a company that reflects what we believe in.

Uncute’s online store launches in tandem with their own nonprofit, The Uncute Initiative, which has been granted 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization. Uncute has previously worked with immigration attorneys to donate toys to comfort detained kids and is committed to helping kids and teens find safety and belonging. Now is a time of reckoning for past mistakes and carelessness across industries, and Uncute is excited to see customers and community holding businesses accountable, themselves included. 

Uncute was founded in New York City by Zack Buchman and Blobby & Friends is brought to life by a team of New York and Los Angeles creatives with consciences.

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Source: Uncute Inc.

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