Magenta Offers Modern Design Dinnerware to Create Festive Holiday Table Sets

Magenta Offers Modern Design Dinnerware to Create Festive Holiday Table Sets

Home retailer Magenta shares top tips for tackling the 2020 Christmas season in style

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updated: Nov 17, 2020

Christmas will be here soon, and Magenta, an online home retailer, is helping everyone get in the spirit with modern design dinnerware that’s perfect for setting a festive holiday table. And while the holidays this year might look a little bit different than they have in the past, that’s no reason to give up on capturing the season through stylish and decorative home accents.

Magenta, a leader in unique and high-quality home décor online shopping, welcomes the 2020 Christmas season with the launch of new collections from top designers, including Citrine, Heritage by Rae Dunn, Raindrop, Hello!Lucky, and Canyon by Amy Hanley. As part of the kick-off, they’re also sharing some interesting modern Christmas table setting ideas using these stunning new products.

The team at Magenta recommends starting with these Christmas dinner table setting ideas featuring Magenta’s holiday products.

1. Add black for a modern look. Who says Christmas is only about red and green? Modernize a Christmas table with black dinnerware from the Rae Dunn collection

2. Create cohesion. Choose two main colors for your Christmas table to create a cohesive theme throughout. Modern tabletop décor from Magenta makes it easy, with colorful pieces that pair together expertly.

3. Bring in metallics. Christmas is all about sparkle. Bring it into your tablescape with unexpected metallic touches, such as these classic gold serving utensils from Hello!Lucky.

4. Use ornaments as centerpieces. Some ornaments (like these ugly sweater felt pieces) just demand your attention. Display them on your holiday table, or place one on each plate as a gift for guests.

5. Opt for linen. Linen accessories like coasters and napkins look great and can be used again and again—which is good news for anyone who hosts the holidays every year.

Interested readers are invited to browse these festive favorites at Magenta and get unique and modern pieces that are guaranteed to stand out in all the right ways.

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Magenta Inc. is a design studio and online home décor retailer that collaborates with a curated circle of artisans and designers to create stunning home collections. Since 2002, Magenta has worked to develop a network of local designers who bring balance, beauty, and a unique vision to everything that they make.

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