Japanese-Inspired Woven Willow Kagome Sandpit

The MuseumQuarter in Vienna commissioned PPAG Architects to design a sandpit for children in their inner courtyard. The designers then teamed up with Simon Oberhammer and Stefanie Meyer to develop a structure out of living willow branches.

The lattice is rooted in a central humus bag and interwoven with one-year-old willow sticks. Not only does the shell provide a safe environment for children, it grows and changes with the seasons.

The growing structure offers a sandy playing area for young guests of the MuseumQuarter and provides natural shading and visual contact between kids and their parents. With the shell nearly closed at the top, it is more open at eye level and allows the parents to see their kids. The name Kagome was inspired by a Japanese children’s song and an ancient Japanese weaving technique.

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