Joy & Joa Debuted Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Joy & Joa Debuted Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Beautiful and luxurious.
The spiritual precipitation of art.

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updated: Oct 10, 2018

The luxury kidswear brand Joy & Joa Debuted their Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at Paris Fashion Week on October 3, 2018.

In this collection, different designs of skirts match the exclusive rendering of colored custom feathers and the skillfully handmade diamond scales, that reveal the elegance of the pieces as a touch of nobility, gorgeous but never vulgar, the back of each skirt tells a different story.

A group of lovely, confident and fresh kids models strutted the runway cutely. Xingyu Chai, one of the little princesses of the show, was full of charm and confidence during the catwalk even though she is only eight years old. A little prince who shined at the runway – Atticus Guo, a 5-year-old boy from the United States, has a wide range of interests and versatility. Though at his young age, he has won various talent awards and is a veritable little star.

Collection Notes and Inspiration: The soul originates from a powerful divinity. In humanity’s primitive religions, the essence of soul was strength. Strength, soul, and life were interchangeable concepts. The soul of every work of art does not exist by only itself; the designer, like a creator, plays a role as the source of thoughts and wisdom and puts together all his energy into giving a unique soul to each of his/her art pieces. Without a soul, the piece is like a walking corpse: dull, uninteresting, prevalent. Despite its luxurious and gorgeous external decorations, it is nothing more than a tasteless object. A real piece of art with soul, simplicity or luxury, has its very own unique charm. There is no need for too much description. Every work of art feels just right, thus presenting to people’s eyes the sincerest beauty. Every piece of clothing offers a different experience and evokes a different emotion, showing therefore different interpretations of the soul. Art as the precipitation and continuation of the soul.

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