Question: Where can Architecture, Sustainablility, Light and Music be as one?

The answer: Kubik, a temporary open-air installation linking architecture, light and music with a contemporary air of reclaimed material usage. Kubik is a radically different nightclub, open to the sky and besides the sea. Founded in Berlin, Kubik was settled for the limited time of four months from June 13th until September 29th at the Fòrum de les Cultures in Barcelona.


275 illuminated industrial tanks are piled one on top of each other, building a spectacular design object of walls and columns. Inside Kubik, visitors experience illuminated cubes, whose light geometry constantly changes to the rhythm of music.

The unique project of Kubik was launched for the first time in Berlin (2006) revitalising an unused site of the city. In Barcelona,  Kubik was installed on two different areas of El Fòrum: The plaça solar held a bar illuminated in magenta. Down at the dock, kubik’s club venue gleamed in a dazzling green. This extraordinary concept of temporary architecture as a home for cultural activities, was developed by Balestra Berlin in cooperation with Modulorbeat and LightLife.

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