Lagos Fashion Week Wraps Up

Lagos Fashion Week Wraps Up

Lagos Fashion Week’s focus this edition was to highlight circularity and sustainability in the fashion industry. Lagos Fashion Week

Lagos Fashion Week showcased nine designers over its three-day online event, entitled “Woven Threads II: Moving in Circles”, in partnership with Fashion Revolution.

According to Lagos Fashion Week founder, Omoyemi Akerele, this theme was chosen to promote the fashion industry’s move towards a circular economy, with the aim of highlighting designers who place sustainability and community engagement at the centre of their work.

Emmy Kasbit’s collection, called Scars, featured skirts, jackets, and robes made of Akwete cloth, a woven fabric synonymous with a town of the same name in Nigeria’s south-eastern state of Abia. LVMH Prize nominee, Lagos Space Programme, meanwhile, presented a short film with models dressed in the brand’s signature gender neutral designs.

In addition to designer showcases, Lagos Fashion Week also hosted talks with designers and fashion entrepreneurs to discuss topics like waste reduction and technology’s role in driving sustainability in the fashion industry.

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