New Antimicrobial Sliding Door System to Help Reduce Microbe Transmission

New Antimicrobial Sliding Door System to Help Reduce Microbe Transmission

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updated: Apr 15, 2020

Serenity Sliding Door Systems, a leading manufacturer of interior sliding door systems that offer privacy through sound attenuation along with traditional locking functions, today released a new “Antimicrobial Slide”, the first complete sliding door system with antimicrobial finishes available for both healthcare and commercial office interior space.

“It’s no secret that doors and door handles are one of the most commonly touched places. This creates many opportunities for transferring microbes. That’s why we’ve come up with a safety-first system designed with patient and caregivers’ health in mind,” said Brian Paul, President of Serenity Sliding Door Systems. An estimated 1.7 million Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) occur each year in U.S. hospitals, which lead to about 100,000 deaths.

After studying more than 125 recent projects in 40 states, the Antimicrobial Slide was developed with specialty products, additives, and treatments to help inhibit the growth of microbes on the exposed surfaces.​

  • For the frame and track, a custom powder coat additive is applied to the entire surface while still allowing for custom color selection.
  • For the door slab, options include specialty finishes for wood veneers, custom powder coating for hollow metal and aluminum, or antimicrobial plastic laminates.
  • Hardware options include antimicrobial finishes or hardware manufactured from a bactericidal copper alloy.

“These features make the Antimicrobial Slide ideal for healthcare applications and high use areas such as labs, exam rooms, hospitals and more. When you choose to use the Antimicrobial Slide in your facility, you’re making a direct contribution to the safety of front-line healthcare workers, patients, and doctors,” said Bill Munafo, National Sales Manager of Serenity Sliding Door Systems.

The Antimicrobial Slide is available immediately in the United States. Pricing is dependent on options selected. Please contact Serenity for product information and local distributor-partner options.

For more information please visit here, call (719) 212-6007 or email

About Serenity Sliding Door Systems: Serenity manufactures sliding door solutions for healthcare, hospitality, and commercial office interior projects. Serenity provides a turn-key sliding barn door design that allows for additional floor space and versatility with a system that is ADA compliant, fully sealed for sight, and is capable of reducing sound transmission.

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