Organic growth

Organic Growth © Izaskun Chinchilla

Izaskun Chinchilla Architects have designed this beautiful pavilion, called Organic Growth for the non-profit arts forum Figment NYC’s fifth annual City of Dreams competition.

Organic Growth © Izaskun ChinchillaSo this summer, visitors to New York’s Governors Island would be able to enjoy under a vibrant canopy resembling bouquets of flowers made of unexpected material such as broken umbrellas, damages bicycle wheels, tripods and old stools. According to the architect, several institutions already recycle these items, so they should be easy to source. At the end of the summer, these clusters of materials are envisioned for further reuse.

As is is written at Architectural Digest:  “For inspiration, the architects looked to mop-head hydrangeas, for which the number of blooms per plant depends on factors such as age, light, and soil quality. “The plant grows keeping a good balance with the environment,” the firm states. “Shouldn’t the City of Dreams do the same? Architecture has to learn to adapt to uncertain budgets, social changing requirements, and ecological dynamics.”

Governors Island pavilion

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