PH5 Adopts BoF Framework to Assess Sustainability

PH5 Adopts BoF Framework to Assess Sustainability

AMA, in the foreground, is PH5’s new CGI “chief decision scientist.” Courtesy.

The New York-based knitwear label published its first sustainability report on Thursday, basing its assessment on methodology established for The BoF Sustainability Index. The exercise helped the company establish areas where it’s ahead of the game and pinpoint blind spots.

As a small company with a focus on positive impact and close links to its manufacturing base — founder Wei Lin’s mother owns and runs the factory that develops and produces all the brands products — the company has a good level of control over its operations, helping to boost its performance. But there also areas where it hasn’t focused yet, or that it would need to revisit as the brand grows, the report found.

“This is not a report written to advertise how great we are, in fact it is going to show a lot of holes in areas where we haven’t even begun to consider and reduce our impacts,” PH5 said in the report’s introduction. “This is a report for us internally to understand where we are at, so we can begin to enact change on a science-based level, and not in marketing terminology that is so often used in the industry to impress.”

The BoF Sustainability Index was established in consultation with a council of global experts. It sets 16 ambitious targets across six categories to align industry performance with global environmental and social development goals by 2030.

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