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PlayMobil by City Leaks Team

PlayMo is an urban intervention by the platform City Leaks. They seek to inspire urban dwellers to explore moments, spaces and places where one can deposit themselves. The challenge is to reconsider how we inhabit and identify ourselves in the cities. City Leaks acts as a hub for like minded people to address, share and realize ideas.

PlayMobil by City Leaks Team

PlayMo was born from the intention of inventing a space that turns into a place where people meet, spend time and play. Its name comes from “playmobil”, a Lego styled child’s creative play toy. Using Milk Crates was like playing with big Lego pieces.

PlayMobil by City Leaks Team

Milk Crates are a fantastic materials for many reasons; they are structural, light, modular and they have an iconic role in Melbourne’s cafe image and laneways.

PlayMobil by City Leaks Team

PlayMo uses 3 different types of Crates. Black=platforms, Grey=stairs, Green=movable. The green crates provide the undefined random element; people rearrange their seats or even build small stairs themselves.

PlayMobil by City Leaks Team

Finally PlayMo is designed to grow and adapt. People are encouraged to leave things behind and to add to the structure.

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