Report: Telfar Is Launching Sportswear

Report: Telfar Is Launching Sportswear

Telfar logo large bag. Getty Images.

The fashion brand will roll out its first sportswear collection this September, according to the New York Times

Designer Telfar Clemens has made the Olympic uniform for the Liberian team and will sell some pieces inspired by his Olympics uniform during the games, which start June 23 in Tokyo. The Olympics pieces will be available for sale via drops on Instagram but a larger collection will be available for sale year-round later in September, The Times reports.

The Liberian fashion designer was tapped to make the clothes after professional sprinter Emmanuel Matadi heard his wife talking about Telfar’s handbags, which have developed a cult-like following, according to The Times. Clemens and business partner Babak Radboy have created a collection that includes duffel bags, leggings, sweatpants and unitards, and will feature the Liberian flag’s star, as well as the Telfar brand’s logo, according to the report.

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