Revolutionary Architecture in Caracas

Ongoing project

Tiuna El Fuerte
A new community centre for El Valle neighbourhood in Caracas, Venezuela.

Project Mission/Goal:
–  improve the human spirit.
–  increase awareness of the environment and/or address climate change.

Currently, there is an ongoing project in Tiuna el Fuerte,  a new cultural and artistic park for El Valle community, designed by the architect Alejandro Haiek.

Tiuna El Fuerte is a new community centre in the vibrant district of El Valle, located in Caracas, Venezuela. This node aims to be a cultural, educational and recreational centre for the children and people of the surrounding neighbourhood. Built with discarded shipping containers, the centre provides basketball courts and a skatepark, a stage and a community radio studio as well as classrooms and computers. It also has numerous sustainable design features, such as windmills, and makes extensive use of recycled materials, such as cupholders, throughout the project.

More than 500 children and teenagers go daily to Tiuna to perform, learn and receive cultural and artistic training, surrounded by sustainable architecture based on alternative technologies.

Tiuna el Fuerte

Tiuna el Fuerte_ origin

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