Sentim, the Pillow for Every Conceivable Resting Position Now Available on Kickstarter

Sentim, the Pillow for Every Conceivable Resting Position Now Available on Kickstarter

Engineered to relieve pressure in all joints and muscle groups to provide maximum comfort.

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updated: Oct 25, 2018

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes with certain designs accommodating different needs. Sentim is a single pillow that has been designed to accommodate all different types of resting positions, thereby eliminating the need to purchase multiple types of pillows. Its ergonomic structure and micro-ball filling allow Sentim to cradle the body and gently distribute pressure evenly in order for its user to achieve maximum comfort.

Comfort should not just be available at home and so, Sentim was designed to be lightweight and portable so that people can benefit from using it in places like the office, in a car, and in a plane. Due to its multipurpose nature, the designers of Sentim anticipated how dirty it could become due to its heavy usage and as a result made the pillow to be completely washable. Sentim is perfect for those who use traditional pillows, body pillows, neck pillows, back cushions, and seat cushions.

“After spending hundreds of dollars on various pillows, I came to the conclusion that a one-design-for-all pillow would solve a lot of my problems. This led me to create Sentim, a pillow that could be used by anyone, for any resting position, anywhere.” says Eun-Kyung Lee, inventor of Sentim.

Sentims primary features include:

  • Ergonomic Design: Molds to the natural shape of your body
  • Microball Filling: Distributes pressure evenly and allows for greater ventilation
  • Completely washable: Can be hand washed or machine washed with any detergent
  • Bead & Hook: Hook to keep Sentim in place
  • Lightweight: Can be taken anywhere with no hassle

Sentim comes in two available sizes and is now available for pre-order for a limited time on Kickstarter with prices starting at $60. After the campaign, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be fulfilled by the end of March 2019. Any influencers or journalists interested in receiving a sample and reviewing Sentim are encouraged to submit an inquiry through Sentim’s Kickstarter page.

Source: Altos Business Group

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