Steph Hargrove of the Florida-Based Design Studio, fromSteph, is Pleased to Present Her Exclusive SeeShells Art Series

Steph Hargrove of the Florida-Based Design Studio, fromSteph, is Pleased to Present Her Exclusive SeeShells Art Series

featuring unique art prints of original photography of neutral toned and rainbow hued seashells

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updated: Mar 5, 2019

Florida-artist Steph Hargrove of fromSteph is pleased to announce the release of her SeeShells art series, a line of art prints designed from her photographs of seashells found locally on Clearwater Beach in Florida. The collection includes a variety of printed canvas and printable art photographs for home and office décor.

The art prints in the SeeShells series feature photographs of neutral colored and brightly painted seashells, arranged artistically on a sandy beach background, conveying the fresh ocean breezes of a seaside locale. Available in a range of sizes from 4 x 4 inches to 24 x 36 inches, the art prints are available on gallery wrapped canvas, archival paper, or as instant printable downloads, depending on the particular design.

Perfect for a beach house styled bathroom, living room or office with coastal décor, unique graphic text art prints featuring the phrases, “Point Me to the Sea,” “Beach Please” and “Oh Shell Yeah” are available as printable art for instant download. Printable files provide the ease and convenience of printing at home or a local print shop, without the wait for shipment of a physical item by mail.

In addition to the canvas and printable photographic art prints, the SeeShells series also includes a charming selection of fabric drawstring bags. The smaller canvas “seashell bags” are the perfect size for collecting seashells on the beach, and the larger drawstring backpacks can be slung over the shoulder to carry swimwear and sunglasses for a day at the beach.

Having graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Art and Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas, artist Steph Hargrove, along with her husband and their dog, relocated to a beautiful beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico, to start an ocean-inspired adventure. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria forced them to evacuate the island and move to Florida, where Steph continues to create art inspired by the ocean and beach life.

As an enthusiastic environmental protection advocate, the artist donates generously from the proceeds of her art sales to support eco-friendly causes and global improvement programs. In her own words, Steph says of her work, “As an artist and as a human being, I am motivated and inspired to help others, and to bring money and awareness to environmental and social causes.”

The SeeShells Collection is available on the artist’s website at and in her Etsy shop at

The artist’s studio and inspiring photos can be found on Instagram at

For more information about the SeeShells series by fromSteph, please contact the artist and owner Steph Hargrove at

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