The little coop

The little coop

Alex Wyndham designed this really nice and well executed  structure/coop for a historical plot in Santa Barbara , California , United States. The couple who raises chickens are both teachers and maintain a large organic garden and fruit plantations on their property. They charge the space to accommodate 10 to 30 hens.

The large deck butterfly-shaped leads the rainwater to a central drainage that leads to a container for storage. This cover shades the chickens and the whole structure protects them from sun and rain. Large doors open at the back for easy access to the eggs. What makes this project beautiful is the fact of using simple materials, making this project very cheap and quick to build.

In the landscape of Southern California , water is a very important element to care about. Through the collection of rainwater , this henhouse delivers water to irrigate the organic orchard and garden.

© Sarah Fretwell_photography

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