The Personalized Leather Statement of 2020

The Personalized Leather Statement of 2020

​Le Marché Leather designs and personalizes the most unique, eye-catching, and sophisticated leather accessories in America. With the help of leather artisans and foreign designers, Le Marché Leather has become a brand that achieves new qualities of elegance in the mobile lifestyle of people around the world. Le Marché Leather monograms premium leather accessories weaving the idea of owning an identity and providing self-expression for modern-day functions.

With a nifty new take on leather phone cases and wallets, Le Marché Leather lets shoppers customize their leather accessories directly on the website. It’s a fashionista’s dream come true: the ability to customize their fashion accessories without those hours spent checking and re-checking sites. With Le Marché Leather, users can find their leather accessories in 7 different colors, 2 foil options, and an accessory for every occasion. With a primary focus on leather iPhone cases and minimal leather cardholder wallets, Le Marché Leather gives consumers the freedom to customize their leather accessories to share their own story, identity, and style. 

The current landscape of fashion is shifting towards a trend of self-identity and expression. With fashion changing every year, monograms and personalization have become key fashion trends. People are becoming creative now more than ever and want to make their fashion pieces theirs. With the consumer in mind, the ability to define their own style and express themselves freely is extremely empowering. A monogram communicates a sense of ownership for consumers and Le Marché Leather gives that ability to tell their story through their leather accessories. 

Le Marché Leather hand-crafts all their pebbled leather accessories and hand presses every personalized leather product currently on their website. Their collection of iPhone cases and cardholder wallets are currently made with soft pebbled leather material on the outside with a nubuck and microfiber interior. With the mobile lifestyle in mind, every accessory is made with expert craftsmanship to be functional, slim, and elegant. Madison Schuchart, a fashion blogger, says, ”I have personally used Le Marche cases for months now and they are amazing! Quality, design, price, everything! I get so many compliments on it. Le Marche just released a line for iPhone 11’s and debuted all-new colors!”

With a focus on becoming a lifestyle brand, Le Marché Leather emphasizes on showcasing their products through influencers and their Instagram. Through collaborations and an active community, the luxury lifestyle brand has touched the lives of consumers across the globe. With their recent philanthropic partnership with the Modest Needs Foundation in late 2019, the leather accessory company strives to become more than a leather company. Le Marché Leather, with headquarters in Hackensack New Jersey, has reached consumers across the globe in countries like Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. 

Mindful of how people connect and express themselves in their everyday life. Le Marché Leather encourages consumers to be bold and Make A Statement.

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