The transition place

Today, I found an interesting pharagraph that I would like to share with all of you. My interests about in- between spaces is growing little by little, while researching and reading texts like this one; I personally think, it defines perfectly the idea I have in mind about these spaces.

The transition between places, the in-between space, is a topic (or hang-up) that I often find myself returning to. These places/borders/moments where different worlds are clashing, are present everywhere in our spatial surroundings. Many without any specific content. Other function like intense nodes. In creative processes they are both conscious and unconscious products. Maybe they are not underlined or play a considerable role, but they can make a whole difference to a project. Like the tiny moment, between scenic transitions in moviemaking, is emphasizing the past and the future story. Even though I can think of these spaces as unclear and confusing (especially in architectural and urban approach), I find them extremely loaded with energy and often adaptable to various programs. I guess it has to do with the (often) incompleteness of the place, but also that this is where the connection between space and time is the strongest. 

sketch by Marblemagpie

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