Two for Two

Two for Two

“The way our cities appear is often seen as a given, as a permanent fact, as one hard truth we have to live with. Or like a fate, we have to deal with. This is not true. Our cities are a process. Cities are in permanent transition and change, cities develop”.

I totally agree with the above quote. The studio Raumlabor Berlin organised a workshop with the aim to intervene in Montreal’s public space and to collaboratively produce a temporary installation that explore the potentials of urban public space as a place for interaction, informal meeting and a new imagination.



They managed to explore into the realm of public space furniture together with a group of about 14 enthusiasts.

A series of seating facilities were produced and put on the ground so people were sitting close to each other; that introduced communication through closeness. Public architecture, then, became an invitation as interaction was built in.

+ More pictures: here

+ via: Raumlabor

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