Ukraine Launches ‘No Season’ Fashion Week

Ukraine Launches ‘No Season’ Fashion Week

Rybalko’s spring/summer 2020 show at Ukraine Fashion Week. Ukraine Fashion Week

Ukraine Fashion Week kicks off on February 5 for its four-day run, but instead of a fall/winter event will be showing season-less collections in what it is calling a “no season” fashion week.

The event, which will see shows broadcast via local tech platform, includes 28 shows from local designer labels such as Lem, Artisinal By Litkovskaya and Roussin.

The final day of shows is devoted to a new generation of talents, with graduate shows from local design schools and other young designers given space to increase awareness of their talents. Also running in conjunction with Ukraine Fashion Week is the Be Sustainable! Fashion Summit, on February 7, which takes digital innovation and its potential to improve fashion’s sustainability as its theme.

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