YouTube Is Holding Its Own Virtual Beauty Festival | The Business of Beauty

YouTube Is Holding Its Own Virtual Beauty Festival | The Business of Beauty

Manny Gutierrez and Patrick Starrr, featured here at Starrr’s birthday party in 2019, are among the featured guests at YouTube’s first virtual beauty festival. Getty Images.

The Alphabet-owned video platform’s first-ever summit, which is free to watch, will be held on May 14. Some of the platform’s most well-known creators — including Emma Chamberlain and Patrick Starrr — will make appearances, as well as celebrities with their own beauty lines, like Pharrell Williams, Millie Bobby Brown and Jessica Alba. 

According to a press release, at the summit, creators will share beauty, wellness and health tips with viewers as well as feature “important conversations about amplifying diversity and equity across the beauty landscape.” The summit comes at an opportune time: Although YouTube is an important platform for beauty influencers — and among the most lucrative — it faces increased competition from TikTok and Instagram for creator and brand attention and dollars.

The festival will be produced in part by Joe Sabia, formerly the senior vice president of creative development at Conde Nast Entertainment, where he helped create YouTube content like the successful “73 Questions” Vogue series. YouTube did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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